Turn Cold Real Estate Leads Into Engaged Motivated Sellers On Auto-Pilot!

Never Cold Call Again with Rocketly!

Rocketly is a complete turn-key lead generation & follow up system that sends you in-bound leads who are ready for an offer!

Simplify Your lead gen

One System To Rule Them All.

Rocketly automates your entire lead generation, follow up, and retargeting, so you never have to pick up the phone and cold call a seller ever again!


Automated A.I Outreach

As soon as a lead hits our system, our A.I Outreach goes to work to engage with your leads and begin a conversation to sell their home.


Engaging A.I Drip Sequences

If a lead does not engage with your automated outreach within 48 hours, our A.I powered drip sequences go to work to re-engage your leads!


Automated Facebook Ads

In addition to Direct Mail, your un-engaged leads will get targeted Facebook ads to turn them into a warm in-bound lead, on Auto-Pilot!


Automated Direct Mail

Drip sequences include automated Direct Mail to engage with your leads offline to turn them into a warm in-bound lead


Intuitive Deal Pipeline

Our deal pipeline will intuitively update your lead stages, so you know exactly where in your pipeline all your leads are at any given time!


Automated Ringless Voicemail

Our voice broadcast follow up system sends automated voice messages and voicemails to your un-engaged leads so you don't have to call them!

Turns your Cold leads into Engaged Sellers Who Want An offer

REI Rocket creates a steady flow of engaged in-bound leads, so you can focus your time and energy on what you do best... Closing Deals!

  • No More Cold Calling

  • No More Manual Follow Up

  • No More Trying To "Figure It Out"

Capture Up to 10x More Leads With Lead Detector!

Over 90% of your website visitors abandon your site without submitting their information. But Lead Detector will capture those visitors and begin automatically reaching out to them for you.

You'll Get:

  • Name, Phone, Email

  • Detailed Property Information

  • Detailed Tracking Information

How It Works

Intelligent Multi-Channel Marketing

The Rocketly system integrates multiple marketing channels to ensure the highest rate of contact with your potential leads.

  • Facebook Ads

  • Text Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Voice Broadcast

  • Ringless Voicemail

  • Direct Mail Campaigns

Simple Pricing

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$97 /mo.



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$99 /mo.



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$497 /mo.

No hidden Usage Costs!

We pass along our savings to you




Text Messages: $.0079/text

Outbound Calls: $.0089/min

Inbound Calls: $.0085/min


Automated Postcards: $.08ea

Voice Broadcast

Ringless Voicemail: $.015ea

Voice Messaging: $.03/min

Get Started Now For Just

$99 /mo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rocketly Provide Leads?

No, Rocketly does not provide leads. We provide a platform that will engage with your leads, as well as follow up and retarget your leads.

Where Do The Leads Come From?

Leads can come from your website, Lead Detector, Uploaded lists, or any other source of inbound leads.

Does Rocketly Setup My FB Ads?

Yes, all Rocketly members will get their lead generation and retargeting campaigns built and launched, including custom ad creatives.

Are There Ongoing Costs?

Yes, after Rocketly is a $397/mo subscription and includes email usage. Additional costs such as sms, postcards, Chat GPT, Voicemail Drops, and Facebook Ads are not included.

Does Rocketly Provide Training?

Yes, you will get exclusive access to our LIVE weekly training and Q&A calls, as well as a dedicated account manager to ensure you get the most out of Rocketly!

Is Rocketly Compliant?

Yes! We will register your business for a2p 10DLC registration and setup your account to adhere with all SMS based compliance regulations.

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